Why use Cibyl?

Our MRS-qualified researchers have more than a decade of data and experience in finding the answers that employers, universities, professional bodies and other organisations seek.

We are experts on student career journeys, accessing the biggest national samples of school and university students. Our annual surveys reach students in 180+ universities across UK and Ireland and 2,000+ UK schools, covering the student demographics of most interest to our clients.

Combining a representative sample with carefully understanding your research needs, we can build reports that directly address your unique problems with specific student groups of interest or nationally.

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Our strengths

Our insights help our clients to develop their brands and consciously attract and recruit the talent they need.


  • Provides the most representative samples of students across the UK & Ireland
  • Captures all diversity metrics, allowing for intersectional analysis
  • Integrates secondary data sources on student populations
  • Uses the most appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods for the topic
  • Provides you with in-depth and bespoke analysis of your results


  • Inform early careers attraction strategies
  • Shape diversity and inclusion priorities
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of employer brands
  • Help profile and target key student populations
  • Become an employer’s research partner throughout the recruitment cycle

We talk with

  • School students aged 12–18
  • University students
  • Graduates.

The name Cibyl was inspired by Greek myth – the Cibyls were the prophetesses of the gods, who interpreted and gave insights to those seeking knowledge and assistance.

Meet the team

Eimear McNabb
Eimear McNabb
Head of Customer Partnerships
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson
Strategic Development Lead
Lisa Marris
Lisa Marris
Head of Research
Bethany Appiah
Bethany Appiah
Marketing Executive

About GTI

Cibyl is part of Group GTI.

We aim to help students realise their potential in the world of work through technology, content and tools. Our research consultancy (previously known as Trendence UK and Ireland) was set up over a decade ago. It aims to give all of our clients and partners (employers, universities and schools) a greater understanding of students’ career thinking in order to better engage and connect with them.

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