UK and Irish graduate research projects

The Cibyl Graduate Research UK survey and the Cibyl Graduate Research Ireland study are the biggest national surveys of students’ career aspirations and effectiveness of employer brands in these countries.

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Cibyl Graduate Research UK and Ireland surveys

These two separate surveys are the most comprehensive of their kind. The 2022 UK survey gathered a total of 65,432 responses from university students and graduates from 160+ UK universities, while the Ireland study received 18,994 responses from 30+ universities and colleges in Ireland.

Each year, our surveys explore students’ career aspirations, their engagement with career activities and their thoughts about employers. As such, they provide key insights in areas including…

  • Your market

    Find out how attractive your organisation is to students in comparison to your competitors – overall and by different demographics, including geographical region, subject of study, year group, sector(s) of interest and ethnic background. Learn how your popularity has changed over time by tapping into multiple years of Cibyl research. Discover…

    • Awareness and attractiveness of your employer brand
    • Year-on-year trends
    • Competitor landscape
    • Performance by year group and type of student.
  • University strategy

    Gauge how efficient and effective you have been in encouraging students from your target universities to apply for your opportunities. In which universities and regions are your efforts paying off – and where could you be investing more to get the best return on investment? Discover…

    • How efficient your campaign is
    • If your messaging is resonating better with students at specific universities
    • If your campus activity is translating into applications.
  • Communications

    See how effective your recruitment campaigns have been across different platforms and initiatives. We track everything from digital engagement (for example, students’ preferred social media channels for engaging with employers) to virtual and on-campus events (for example, careers fairs, one-to-one meetings and networking dinners). Discover…

    • Platform-by-platform cost/benefit analysis
    • The penetration power of your collateral
    • If your presence on a certain platform holds its own against the competition.
  • Student expectations

    Gain an insight into how students make career decisions and what influences them. Discover the factors that students interested in your roles rate most highly when choosing between employers (from work/life balance and starting salary to friendliness and career progression) and then compare these to their perceptions of your brand. Discover…

    • How students make employer choices
    • Why students are choosing your brand – or not!
    • How your employer value proposition can be improved.
  • Diversity

    Learn how successful you are in attracting candidates from different demographics We can show you whether and how you are ‘losing students’ from specific ethnic or social backgrounds, for example, and track your progress over time. Discover how you rank by…

    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Social mobility
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability.
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