Public Service Needs You: Breaking Stereotypical Attitudes Towards The Public Sector

27 Feb 2020 in

In the 2017 UK Police Diversity Report, it was stated that no police force in England and Wales has Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation which matches its local demographic. Police Now, Unlocked and Transform Society commissioned this research piece in 2018 to unpack the disparity through understanding university students perceptions of the public sector.   

Opportunity blocked: the impact of the SU on student life

28 Nov 2019 in

Opportunity blocked: how student opportunities and SUs relate to student life, belonging and outcomes

At Wonkhe, we are real fans of the UK’s unique Students’ Union sector. Earlier this year we launched Wonkhe SUs – a subscription service designed to support SU officers and staff to represent students’ effectively.

Out & Proud: New Research into the Experiences of LGBT+ Young People

11 Oct 2019 in

To mark National Coming Out Day, Cibyl, part of Group GTI, launched brand new research looking into the experiences of young LGBT+ people at university and work. The study was commissioned by Clifford Chance, Deutsche Bank and University of York, supported by National Student Pride.

An exceptional panel was brought together to reflect on the findings, consisting of Tanya Compass, Rhammel Afflick, Paris Lees, Dominic Arnall, Tehzeeb Bukhari.

Some of the interesting themes that came out of the research and were explored by the panel include: